hiring_blogOne of the complaints I most often hear is that I can’t find good employees.  No question about it, finding great employees is a challenge. 

My question to you is…..do you have a system?

A story for you.

Have you ever bought a new car?  Have you also noticed that when you buy a new car all of the sudden out of nowhere there’s thousands of cars just like yours that you never saw before?  This is what I call the red car syndrome. 

It’s really very simple, until you write down what you want in your next great employee you’re not likely going to find it.  Here are four things you might want to consider as you think about adding employees to your firm.

The first rule is to limit turnover. 

I know this has little to do with finding new employees.  At the same time if you have high turnover you’re just spending too much time and money trying to find new people to join your firm.

I bet if turnover is an issue you’re finding yourself always settling for a body instead of hiring the right person.  The reason is really very simple, you need someone to help and you’ll take anyone instead of the right person.  The only thing this accomplishes is a swinging door in your firm.

My rule, make sure your present staff like being where they are.  If they aren’t fix it one person at a time.

Do you have an easily communicated mission statement? 

If you want to attract great employees it helps if potential team members understand what your company is all about.  Does your company have a mission that would get potential employees excited about joining your company?  Does your mission even excite you?

What, you don’t have a short mission statement that’s easily communicated.  Do yourself a favor and put one together.

Do you have a system for hiring new people? 

By this do you have set protocols that you know work for your hiring process?  I recommend that you use our can do, will do and fit factor method of hiring as part of your systems for hiring great people.

These hiring protocols should include how interviews are handled, how many interviews a potential new hire will go through and how the decision making process is used in hiring new employees.

I know that if you decide to use a system when you hire, you’ll automatically do a better job.  If you use a good system you’ll get new hires right most of the time.  Isn’t this what you want?

Do you include your entire team with hiring new people? 

Many firms report that they get their best people from referrals from their present employees.  Do you thank your employees when they recommend a great person to work with your team?

Letting your team know what you’re looking for using your hiring criteria can help your present staff think about the specifics the company needs.  Once your present employees know what you’re looking for, they can think about their friends and acquaintances and see if any of them would be a good fit for your firm.

You not only want to include your employees for referrals you want them to participate in the hiring process.  Teach them how to interview and how to look use your hiring system to help.  Having extra eyes and ears work with potential team members of your firm will help you hire better.

Finally, make sure you have a good training program.

You’ve hired the perfect person.  You can’t leave them alone to figure it out.  You really do need to make sure they’re trained in the way you and your firm do things.  Make sure you think about and put together a training program that will allow new staff members understand what’s important and why for your firm.  You’ll be glad you did.

What are your thoughts about having a systematized hiring process?  Is this something you think you would find useful?


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