Website_authenticI don’t know about you but too many times I look at a wealth management firm website and wonder if there are real people that work at the firm.  I have no idea what the firm really does, the language sounds the same and the pictures are ones that don’t leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

I often get the sense that too many websites are not well thought through.  Think about your buying experience and see if any of these are things you want in your site.

Your site talks about your clients.

I think this is the biggest mistake I see in wealth management sites.  All of the verbiage is about the firm and what the firm does.  On top of that, the language sounds like every other firm in the world.

Do you really think that talking about your top down investment method is going to leave a potential client with a warm, fuzzy feeling?  How about instead you talk about problems you help people solve.  Instead of talking about your firm, talk about your best clients issues from your client’s point of view.  If you do you’ll become more human in the eyes of potential clients.

Your site has bold statements.

Authentic people stand for something.  I know you don’t want to offend any potential client.  I get that.  At the same time why not think about something you can stand for.  Something that would let potential clients know that you’re the type of firm they want to work with.

It’s OK for people to weed themselves out from working with you.  The problem you have in your firm isn’t finding enough clients.  It’s finding enough of the right clients.  If you’re bold in what you say you’ll have a better chance of letting potential clients know why you’re right for them.

You know what your firm values are and you talk about them.

The first step here is spending some time thinking about what the driving values of your firm are.  Make sure your values aren’t bland statements that every other wealth management firm has.  I’m pretty clear in my businesses that if you’re not coachable, then you shouldn’t waste your time wanting to work with me.  You’ll just be wasting your money.

I’ve had some very good prospects admit that they don’t want to change.  We remain friends and even occasionally have conversations about their firms.  We just don’t try to work together.  It’s better for both of us.

You leave your visitors with a sense of the personalities in your firm.

I hope that you get the sense that I’m a little irreverent in my approach to life.  I find that when I take myself too seriously even I get bored with myself.  I hope you spend some time thinking about what makes you human.  When you do, it’s OK for you to let visitors to your site know this.  It’ll help those you should be working with know that you’re right for them.

You show that you care and can be trusted.

This is the biggest reason to be authentic.  When you show who you are warts and all, you’re showing that you can be trusted.  You’re not coming across as someone who is trying to pretend to be someone they’re not.

Really, it’s OK if people decide you’re not the right firm for them.  You’re also going to find that those who should work with you raise their hand.  When you become truly authentic you’ll enjoy your business more.  Isn’t that something you would like to have happen?


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