Are You Interesting-Don’t you think this is a pretty good question?  Here’s another one for you, is your company interesting?  If you can’t answer yes to both why would someone want to do business with you?

Interesting can mean different, it can mean others want to learn more about you.  I believe one of your goals should be to have people want to spend more time with you.  That’s the result interesting people get.

Too many companies all sound the same.

I don’t know about you, but for the most part I can’t tell one company apart from another.  I look for restaurants to eat at and often can’t make a decision.  It’s not that there aren’t different types of restaurants, but almost none of them have something unique or interesting about them.  They all sound the same and all it does is make me not want to go out to eat at all.

In the advice business we all say we put the customer first.  We all say that we have a unique process.  We all say we spend lots of time working on our unique processes.  The problem with this is that it all sounds the same.  Because it all sounds the same, you might wonder where the value is.  If I was you, I certainly would.

I’m really sick of reading about advisors who are going to take my six figure business and make tell me how to make a seven figure business.  I would much rather hear from someone who can help me have a simple system for creating a sustainable business.  What would you rather have?

Too many websites say the same thing.

The same thing goes for websites.  There is a good chance your company sounds and looks like all the other websites in your industry.  Does your website talk about what you do?  If so, you’re not very interesting.  Instead, think about talking about how your customers get value from their point of view.

Do you ask any questions on your website?  Do you engage visitors into wanting to learn more about what you do?  Until very recently our own site only talked about what we did and how it was going to help you.  I don’t think we asked one question on our site.  We’re now working on this issue.  Look at your website as if you were a visitor seeing it for the first time.

You need to have your website say interesting things of real value for your target market.  If you don’t, then you’ll have a visitor once and that’s not what you want.  You want to engage and help your visitors learn what’s unique about you and your company.

Jargon isn’t going to make you interesting.

I’m sick of industry jargon that we use to describe ourselves.  Do you really think saying that you think outside the box is interesting?  What is thinking outside the box anyway?  What about having a new paradigm?  Are you really re-thinking what your company does and how it serves your customers?

Leading edge often isn’t really leading edge.  Unless your company truly is a leading edge company don’t say you are.  Your potential customers will see through you in a second.  When was the last time you saw Apple say they were leading edge?  They might entice you to do business with them by making it easy….they don’t say we’re leading edge.  Here’s some simple advice, drop the jargon from your organization.  Jargon just makes your customers and potential customers feel dumb and no one wants to feel dumb.

What being interesting can do for you and your company.

When you really do make yourself and your company interesting people are going to want to hang out with you.  They’re going to want to join you in whatever it is that you do.

I personally find Apple interesting.  I want to use their products and I want to learn about the new things they’re doing.  I find Steve Farber interesting.  He thinks about the world of leadership in a different way.  I find Seth Godin interesting.  He brings a fresh take on marketing and brand building.

Who do you find interesting?  I suggest you find the five or ten interesting people or companies in your life.  Write down what makes them interesting and then see what you can use to make yourself more interesting.  This should be pretty easy, don’t you think?

The easy and real way to make yourself interesting.

Here’s what I want you to do.  I want you to come up with three things that are unique about your company.  I bet when you combine those three things, you’ll find that you’re much more interesting than you ever thought possible.

Here’s ours:

  • We help blue collar business owners create a sustainable business.
  • We simplify complicated stuff so it’s easier for you to create a sustainable business
  • I don’t tell, I ask and help you discover what you already know. It’s called being a thinking partner.

If you find those three things interesting, I’m going to be there aren’t a lot of people out there doing the same thing.  What about you, what makes you interesting.  Why don’t you click here and let me know.



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