Blogging_101You’ve probably figured out by now that I strongly believe you should have a blog on your wealth management website.  You probably also know that if you have a blog it’ll give your website visitors a reason to come back and visit.  You also know that if you start to show off your expertise you’ll make it easier for potential clients and CIO partners to do business with you.

Since you already know all of these things why aren’t you blogging?  I bet the reason is because you don’t think you have the time.  What if I showed you a method that you allows you to write a blog entry in twenty minutes or less.

Start with a file of ideas.

The first problem I’m told that keeps people from writing blog posts is having an idea of what you want to write about.  Start with having a large file of topics you like and want to inform and educate your audience with.

You already are a large consumer of information.  You read articles and books.  You go to seminars and webinars.  You have conversations with other advisors.  All of these will trigger ideas that you can write about.

Find someplace to keep a file of the ideas.  I use mind maps for my master file and then use One Note to keep a list that I’m going to write about in the near future.  You can use Evernote or even just a notebook you carry in your back pocket.

Write about things you’re interested in.

I find that when I write about things I’m interested in my writing goes much more quickly.  If I try to write about things I find boring, I write a few words wander off to check my email, get a cup of coffee and just plainly procrastinate.  If it’s interesting to you, there’s a good chance it’ll be interesting to someone else.

Write about things you have deep expertise about.

You’ll see that I write about a wide range of issues and ideas.  I’m hoping that you also get the idea that I have deep expertise in what I’m writing about.  I can promise you that I don’t spend a lot of time researching information for a blog post.  That’s because I’ve read the books, gone to the seminars and spent a lot of time thinking about information you might find interesting.

I don’t have to first learn then write.  You’re in the same position.  I know that you have many things that you already are an expert in and could easily write about it you have a system.  For me, having a blogging system allows me to easily write over 200 pieces of information a year.  I only want you to write twice a month.

Use a frame to write.

If you read my blog posts you’ll see they all have the same format.  I start with a headline, then write two or three short paragraphs for opening.  I’ll then write five or six sub-heads.  After the sub-heads are written I just have to write a little about what each subhead represents.

This doesn’t take a lot of time.  In fact, up to this point in the blog post it’s taken me twelve minutes.  Yea, I’m really telling you the truth.  It’s only been twelve minutes.

Make sure your blog post is conversational.

Any blog post you write should not be an academic tome.  If you want to write one of those, make it a white paper and let people download it from your site.  Better yet, make sure you collect some information from a visitor before you let them download it.

Your blog is meant to be a conversation between you and your readers.  Make it simple and keep your posts short.  You’ll get more readers and be able to show your visitors your shining personality.

There you have it……now you know how you can write a blog post in twenty minutes or less.  What do you think, are you willing to give it a shot?  Let me know in the comments below.


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