I want you to think about your hiring process.  But, here’s my first question.  Do you even have a hiring process?  The answer sadly is for most people and smaller companies the answer is no.

Hiring for too many companies is ad hoc process.  You need someone to come on board and you at the first person you see as your savior.  Most of your hiring is done from your gut and you don’t have a standardized process you use for hiring everyone.

I feel your pain.  That was how I hired, at least till I found a hiring system that has served me well for the past 35 years or so.

Are you hiring for values or skills?

Here is the biggest mistake I see business owners like you make.  You hire for skills and pay little attention to whether the person you’re hiring will fit in.  This is a huge mistake.  I want you to stop hiring this way and always, and I mean always make your final hiring decision on whether the person you’re considering is the right person from a values perspective for your company.

If you don’t do this, you’ll be sorry.  I promise you that not hiring for values costs your company tons of money.  The reason is very simple, if someone doesn’t share the values you and your company have, they will never fit in.  They might be the most technically competent person in the world.  But, without fit, they just won’t make it at your company.  Eventually, you’re going ot have to fire them.

Stay away from the brilliant jerk syndrome

The brilliant jerk appears as someone who has great skills but just doesn’t have what it takes to fit in at your company.  This is the person who does their job brilliantly, but they rub everyone in your company the wrong way.

At first, you tell people to adjust.  Then, you work with that person to try to get them to modify their behavior.  Finally, you realize they don’t fit in and you have to let them go.

You know what happens after that don’t you?  You’re going to have several people come up and ask you why it took you so long to fire the brilliant jerk.  You’re going to feel frustrated and wonder why no one in your company told you about how horrible they were to work with.

The truth is they did, you just never noticed.  Instead of having a brilliant jerk in your company I want you to have a hiring system that will keep you from making the same mistake I made over and over.

Speaking of hiring, I just posted a great podcast on the subject.

I just posted a great podcast this week with Jessica Rhodes.  Jessica and I met each other at Social Media World earlier this year and I helped her with some hiring problems she was having.  This podcast talks about the results she got from using our hiring system.

Why don’t you click here and listen to the episode and then hit reply to let me know what you think?

And here’s an article from the Harvard Business Review you might like.

When Leaders Are Hired for Talent but Fired for Not Fitting In

Organizations are not very good at predicting whether leaders will fit in with their culture. Even when organizations are good at assessing leaders’ talents (e.g., their skills, expertise, and generic leadership capabilities), they forget that an essential element of effective leadership is the congruence between leaders’ values and those of the organization, including the leaders’ team.

via When Leaders Are Hired for Talent but Fired for Not Fitting In

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