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Yup, that’s correct.  I just finished recording the 100th episode of my podcast, The Sustainable Business.  I hope you’ve taken twenty minutes of your day to listen to at least one episode.  The people who have tell me it’s well worth the time invested. 

It’s perfect for your commute to work or to listen to during one of your workouts.  That’s the idea and the length of the program.

My goal with this podcast is and has been to ask the following question, “If your business was to be here 100 years from now, what would you be doing differently today in how you run it?”  As you can imagine, there have been some really interesting and different answers to this question.

I thought in honor of recording my 100th episode, I would highlight six episodes that I’ve done recently that you might want to pay attention to.

Neuromarketing with Roger Dooley

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure speaking with Roger Dooley about neuromarketing, what it is and how you can use it to help make your business more sustainable.

Neuromarketing is something you need to be paying attention to. It’s the study of why people buy what you’re selling. This episode will help you understand some of the basics and where to go if you want to learn more. via The 22 Minute Neuromarketing Tutorial – Roger Dooley

Financial Planning 3.0 with Dick Wagner

The world lost a giant of a man when Dick Wagner died a few weeks ago.  He not only was a great friend but one of the seminal thinkers in the financial planning world.  Dick and spent our session together talking about what Financial Planning 3.0 was an why it is such an important part of the planning world.

You’ll learn how the world of financial planning started with products and moved into what’s known as life planning. Financial Planning 3.0 takes you past the traditional area of planning and moves into a full liberal arts approach to the planning process.  via 85 – Financial Planning 3.0 – Richard Wagner

You need to know about absolute engagement with Julie Littlechild

Julie is one of the best thinkers in the world of referrals and how to create a referable business.  She has now expanded past referrals into what she calls absolute engagement.  This was an episode where I learned tons of new things and you will too.  

A fully engaged owner will run rings around those who aren’t as engaged. via 83 – You Need To Know About Absolute Engagement – Julie Littlechild

Everything you needed to know about the Kolbe Index with David Kolbe.

I’ve been using the Kolbe Index for years in my business and those of my client’s business.  I find it an incredibly useful tool when it comes to knowing whether the person we’re considering for a position will be willing to do the activities to make them successful in the job.

Listen to this episode as David explains what the Kolbe Index is and how you can use it to make your business more sustainable. via 91 – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Kolbe Index

22 minute value tutorial with Charles Goldman

Charles is the CEO of Assetmark, one of our partners in the wealth management side of our business.  We talked about why values are the key to have a sustainable business and what he has done to improve the values systems at Assetmark.

In this conversation, Charles helps us understand that without values, we’re all just going in different directions with our companies.  Values are always the starting place.  Listen to this episode to find out why. via 95 – 22 Minute Values Tutorial – Charles Goldman

The truth about value worlds with Rob Slee

Rob is a repeat offender on the Sustainable Business.  In this episode, we have a conversation about the concept of value worlds.  This is where your business will have several values at the same time.

Rob is the most articulate person I know when it comes to private business valuation and capital formation. Listening to this podcast episode will pay off for you.  via 94 – The Surprising Truth About Business Value Worlds – Rob Slee

You can also just visit us at to sign up for an Itunes or RSS feed so you are notified weekly when we post a new podcast episode.  In fact, the one that went up yesterday is one that you’ll want to listen to.  

Why don’t you take a few minutes and check out the podcast?  My bet is you’ll find lots of episodes that will help you learn how to make your business more sustainable and one that you’ll enjoy owning and running.

Oh, just leave a comment below and let me know what you think about our podcast and or a comment about one of these episodes.


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