The Secret To finding Unbelievable Leads

A common challenge that all businesses have is finding the right customer who wants to do business with them. I think too often you settle for whoever walks in the door because you’re afraid that a qualified customer will never find your business again.

You might believe this because you don’t have a formalized system to create the right type customer when you need them. If you like some tips on how you can overcome this read on.

Your first question should be do you have a niche you serve?

The first question I want you to answer is do you have a well-defined niche that you service? If not, you need to start here.

One thing I want you to realize is that a niche is not a market segment. For example, don’t think you have a niche if you say you service business owners. You still don’t have a niche if you say you service business owners who are over 50. Instead, you’re trying to sell into a market segment.

The market segment is not going to find you the type of client or customer you want to serve. Instead, make sure you have a very narrowly defined group of customers who are the people you like to work with and provide great profits.

What does your best customer look like?

The first thing I want you to do is to take out a piece of paper and write down who your five most favorite customers are. Answer this question for me, “What makes this customer so profitable and fun to work with?”

After you write down the specifics of what makes this customer fun to work with find the traits the five customers you listed all have in common with each other. This is how you start to see what your best customers look like.

I was talking to a company a few weeks ago where they realized their best customers are spouses who work together. This is not the type of description you would normally hear people in this industry use to describe their best customers. At the same time, this particular business was very successful with this group of people and is the only type of people they should accept as a customer.

Knowing they want to start working with spouse owned and operated companies is a good start on developing a niche.

Where do your best customer hang out?

Once you spend some time describing what the personality and demographics of your best customers are it’s now time to start thinking about where you might find them. In my example above you might think about looking on LinkedIn and see if there are groups that have spouses who work together. Or see if there are business organizations in your market place that support businesses that are spouse owned and operated.

If that’s your niche then make sure you join these groups and start establishing relationships with these type of people. After all, doesn’t make sense to fish where the fish are?

Are you willing to say no to those who don’t fit in?

When you’re looking for your best customers or a way to find unbelievable leads you have to learn to love the word no. Saying yes to everybody means you’re actually saying yes to nobody. So remember that without the word no and learning to love the word no you’re just got going to have the capacity to service the type of customers who are the most fun the deal with and make the most money.

I know this doesn’t sound right or logical but the truth is the more you learn to say no the more you’re going to be able to say yes to the right people. I want you to practice saying no when it doesn’t hurt so much. After a while, you’re going to find that saying no is actually a liberating experience. And isn’t that what you want, a way to get the best customers and the customers you are meant to serve?

Your mantra should be less is more.

One of my favorite sayings is less is more. The reason I like this so much is because it helps me remember that my business doesn’t need a large pool people to choose from. In fact, the smaller the pool, within reason that is, the easier it is for me to find the right people who I’m meant to serve.

It’s also going to be easier for those you should be serving to find you. If you’re trying to be all things to all people it’s almost impossible for the right people to find you. When you spend time narrowing your focus, joining groups where these people hang out and learning to say no you’re starting down the road of finding great leads that you should be doing business with versus bad leads really should stay away from.

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