HiringHiring has to be one of the most difficult activities any business does. Often the difference between a firm that has incredible service and client loyalty is the staff the firm has attracted.

At the same time one of the major complaints I hear from people in business is they can’t find good people. There really is no reason you don’t get just the person you’re looking for. You just need to use a great hiring system.

The biggest mistake you make.

I bet that when you start thinking about bringing a new staff member in your firm the first thing you think about is what technical skills your new staff member needs. I bet that’s also where you put the majority of your focus.

I know that you need to have people who know how to do the job. Understand that technical skill is only where you start. It’s easy to figure out whether someone has the skill to do the job. The hard part is knowing how your new hire will fit in at your company.

Know the values your company holds dear.

You’re never going to know who should join your company until you have clearly thought about the values you hold dear. This means you’re going to have to spend some time and effort understanding what drives you and makes you want to run your company.

That means your company is going to be a reflection of who you are. If you’ve thought about this you’re going to know what type of person fits in at your firm. If you aren’t clear about what drives you then you’ll likely get mismatches on a regular basis.

Have a clear mission and vision for your firm.

Once you know what your personal values are it’s time to craft a mission statement that incorporates what the vision is for your company. This statement should be no more than ten words and be easily answered with a yes or no.

Once you have developed a clear mission for your firm you can start asking yourself what type of person helps you fulfill your firm’s mission. You now are starting to figure out what type of traits successful people at your firm have.

Be very clear about the clients you serve.

I know very few companies that ever consider how their staff is going to get along with its customers. Don’t make that mistake. Make sure you really think about your customers and how they like to be treated.

You’re going to want your staff to be loved by your clients. That’s not going to happen unless you think like a customer and figure out what are the things your customers want from you, your staff and your company. You’re now a step closer to getting the right person to join your firm.

Know what it takes to fit in at your firm.

This is really the key. Great hiring starts and ends with fit. If someone doesn’t fit in with your values, other people in the company and your clients they won’t be successful no matter how much talent they have.

Here’s a really easy question to ask. “What does it take to fit in at our firm?” Once you answer this question you’ll be well on your way to getting the right person in the right seat in your company.

Take your time.

You have to assume that an attractive hire for your firm is talking to more firms than just yours. Make sure you find out how many other companies they’re speaking with. Talk with your potential hire about your timeframe and make sure you stick with it.

Too often I see firms not communicate this very important information and either feel rushed or miss out on the person they really want to hire. If you communicate and let people know how your hiring process works you have a better chance of taking the right amount of time bringing the right person to your firm.


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