Why Do You Get Up In the MorningNo, this post is not about whether you have the ability to get up in the morning. I’m more curious about why you do the job that you do in companies that you own. And please don’t tell me the reason you get up is so you can make tons and tons of money. Yes, there are some of you were making tons and tons of money is what it’s all about but for most of us that’s just not true.

If you look at the research that’s been done on why employees work you’ll see that salary doesn’t even crack the top five and in many cases the top 10 reasons. I bet if you did the same survey with business owners and profits you would have the same result except when you’re not making enough money.

So let’s look at some of the reasons you might be getting up in the morning:

You think there is a burning issue that needs to be solved.

This is probably the biggest reason I see business owners opening their own shops. You’ve looked around and you see there’s a problem or even an opportunity and you haven’t seen anybody else come up with a solution you think is worthwhile.

You’ve played around with the idea and you think you’ve built a better mousetrap. You’ve also decided that the best way to get this mousetrap built is by opening your own company. And, you think other people will love what you’ve built and want to own it for themselves.

You have an idea you want the world to know about.

If you’re in an expert business you might have an idea about a process or a method of achieving a particular outcome that you think is pretty unique. Or, it might not be that unique but your way of delivering the solution is what you think people want to buy.

For me, this is my motivation for getting up in the morning. I think that too many things that are taught in the world of private business are just too complicated and will be better if they were simplified.

That’s my reason, now tell me what your reason this?

You really like working for yourself and setting your own agenda.

Almost everybody I know who opens their own business really enjoys their journey. The reason…… Is because they get to set their own agenda. I also find that people who go into their own business aren’t slackers. It’s just too hard to start a business and make it run if you think you can sit on a beach drinking those silly rum drinks that have umbrellas in them.

At the same time isn’t it nice that you can set your own agenda and timeframe to work on things that you think are important and not working on someone else’s agenda. For me, working on projects that I think are interesting and important is one of the main reasons I continue to work really hard with a lot of focus. I hope the same is true for you.

You’ve decided that you just are a lousy employee and can’t work for anyone else.

Once you been working for yourself for several years you will probably find that you become unemployable. Setting your schedule, working on projects you find interesting and not having to work on someone else’s agenda has become incredibly interesting. You just can’t see yourself ever working for somebody else. And, if you try no find that you might be a total failure as an employee.

That’s what I found when I tried it and I bet you would too.

You know that no employer would let you spend your time on projects you’re working on.

When you’re looking for a new mouse trap or a better mousetrap you would find lots of pushback from an employer. You don’t find that happens with you when you’re working in your own company. In fact, now you’re setting agendas for the people who are working with you.

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