Today’s podcast features Lindsey Anderson AKA One Click Lindsey from Traffic and Leads.  Today we’re going to talk about blue collar businesses and social media marketing. You might think that social media marketing is only for on line businesses.  If you did, you would be wrong.  The truth is on line marketing is something we all need to be paying attention to.

Once you realize that the purpose of marketing is to help people find you, then you also will realize that on line marketing needs to be part of what you do to promote your business. That’s why you need to pay attention to this podcast episode.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn while listening to this episode:

  • Listen to the story about how Lindsey got a Chiropractor to pay attention to their marketing and results they got.
  • What to do if you’re a one person marketing team.
  • Learn what the CLICK method of marketing is.
  • Where a ghost writer might make sense for blog posts you produce.
  • Learn the mystery 0f what pixels are and why they need to be on your website.


Narrator:         Welcome to The Sustainable Business Radio Show podcast where you’ll learn not only how to create a sustainable business but you’ll also learn the secrets of creating extraordinary value within your business and your life. In The Sustainable Business, we focus on what it’s going to take for you to take your successful business and make it economically and personally successful.

Your host, Josh Patrick, is going to help us through finding great thought leaders as well as providing insights he’s learned through his 40 years of owning, running, planning and thinking about what it takes to make a successful business sustainable.

Josh:                Hey, this is Josh Patrick and you’re at The Sustainable Business. Today, we have Lindsey Anderson with us, a.k.a. known as “One-Click Lindsey”. I love that name. I think it’s just so cool. It took me a while to figure out what her last name was but I love to say One-Click Lindsey because I have not been able to get it out of my head. So it’s a great name.

And she has a company called which specializes in driving traffic and getting leads. And the art of nurturing leads become lifelong clients. It sounds like a great idea to me.

And today, we’re going to talk about how you can use online marketing to create more business for your company even if you have a blue collar business. So instead of me yammering on, which I have this bad habit of doing, we’re going the bring Lindsey in and we’re going to start talking about this stuff.

Hey, Lindsey. How are you today?

Lindsey:           Josh, it’s my pleasure to be on your show today. Thanks for the invite.

Josh:                Well, thank you so much for being on. And I thank you for your patience because I think we had to move this around about 12 times in the last 35 days.

Lindsey:           Yes. And this is going to be an amazing podcast episode because the universe did not want us to get together Josh.

Josh:                Well, I like that attitude. So that’s a great thing.

So, since I can’t get your name out of my head, how did you come to be One-Click Lindsey?

Lindsey:           Great question. I’m glad we started there.

So yes, One-Click Lindsey is a name because essentially what we do at is help people drive traffic and leads to their website and provide long-term sustainable clients that will refer them and they’ll just have this never-ending funnel of clients. So that’s what we do at Traffic and Leads.

So our office was working next to a chiropractor’s office. And I finally convinced the doc who was next door to us, “Hey, let us run a traffic and leads campaign for you, doc.” Now, he was one of those guys that was a little iffy on wanting to spend some money on marketing. He was a little scared about it. As you know most people who market are because there’s not a direct return on investment, like the very moment you put the money out. And I said, ”Listen, if we’re going to run a traffic and leads campaign, it’s going to take three to six months for you to start seeing a real return on that.”

Well, I really convinced him to do this. But, unfortunately, every day when I walked in the office we’d end up kind of coming in at the same time – in the morning and at lunch time. And every day, he would say, “Well, how is my campaign doing?” It was kind of a nightmare right?

And I– “Doc, listen, we have to like manipulate these Facebook ads to reach the right audience. We have to modify this landing page to get people in. We have to get people to make that one click – that one click on your landing page, that one click on your Facebook ad, and that one click on your e-mail where you schedule a consultation. We have to get them to make that one click.” And I probably said this, over the course of 30 days, a million times to the doctor, right?

Well, I made some final adjustments, one evening, on his landing page and I thought, “We’ve got it. This is what people are looking for. This is what we’re doing.” And when we walked into work the next morning, he said, “Well, well, well, if it isn’t One-Click Lindsey. People are finally making that one click.”

And I thought, “Hmm, that has a ring to it,” first of all. And second of all, how much more easy is it to remember One-Click Lindsey than Lindsey Anderson, right?

Josh:                Well, I will say that I have not been able to get that name out of my head. That’s actually one of the coolest names of all times. And actually, I like that name for your company better than

Lindsey:           Ooh.

Josh:                I mean, sounds like the internet gurus that nobody can approach and nobody can possibly do what they have because they have a staff of thousands.

Lindsey:           There you go. Yeah. Yeah.

Josh:                We have a staff of one.

Lindsey:           Yeah. There you go.

Yeah. But you can find all my info at and that’s kind of my personal branding. And then my company that does the heavy lifting there is the

Josh:                Speaking of, if I am a company of one or I have a one-person marketing team, which is actually more likely, how do I go about setting up a campaign that gets business in my door, if I’m a local business? What do I need to do first?

Lindsey:           So there’s a few different steps. When people come to the Traffic and Leads company, we actually put them through a process, Josh. And I’ve branded this process. And I’m giving away to everybody for free. And it’s called the CLICK technique. And every letter of CLICK actually stands for something in this process. So we’re just going to walk through that because that’s going to answer your question, okay?

Josh:                It sounds good.

Lindsey:           And if anybody wants to opt-in for a free crash course in the CLICK technique then you can just go to the to find out more. But let me tell you something first, Josh, about the CLICK technique. I’m not going to tell you, if you apply all of the principles in the CLICK technique, that you’re going to be doing these million-dollar launches without a list or that you’re going to be making all this money online immediately. The CLICK technique is a long-term strategy that will bring in a custom flow of clients, traffic and leads to your website like forever, as long as you keep implementing the technique. Fair enough?

Josh:                Fair enough.

Lindsey:           So the C in CLICK technique stands for curiosity. And the main way to do curiosity is though content. The best way to generate traffic and leads for your company is to create content.

And I don’t care what kind of content. Josh is creating amazing content here on his podcast and he’s publishing it to the web. Blog post, videos – like, whatever floats your boat as far as content goes. Whatever you’re comfortable with. You need to come up with a content schedule and you need to produce that content consistently forever. So whatever that is, make a plan and do not miss what you’re doing.

Josh:                Now, when you say consistently, what is consistently? How often is consistently?

Lindsey:           You guys can decide for yourself. But I do want it consistent. The CLICK technique does say, “I want you to do one video a week and one long blog post a week, and a whole bunch of social media post a week.” But if that’s too much for you, all I’m asking for these small business owners is to say, “I promise myself and my business, for the betterment of my business, I will do a long blog post once a week.” If that’s all you can get out, this will still work.

Josh:                When you say a long blog post, how many words would that be?

Lindsey:           Well, Google, right now, is liking also blog posts and they’re ranking really well. And you don’t need a search engine optimization team to come in and do all this magic stuff to your blog post, if you can make a blog post about 6000 words.

Josh:                6000 words?

Lindsey:           That’s my recommendation, if you want to get ranked on Google ASAP and have a strong blog post.

Josh:                Wow.

Lindsey:           However, you can still see some results with shorter blog posts. All I care about is that you have consistent content.

Josh:                Yeah. I’m just sitting here thinking—

Lindsey:           I know. It’s a lot.

Josh:                –about the clients that I work with. And if I say 6000-word blog post to them, they’d probably punch me.

Lindsey:           Yes. So can they do three? Whatever they can do, Josh. Just, we need content. You need to put yourself out there. And however you’re comfortable with doing that, do it. I say 6000 because if you want to see results on Google for your blog post, and you want some traffic from Google, it’s 6000 words, will do that for you.

Josh:                Oh, wow. Okay.

So that means you might want to be looking for a ghostwriter.

Lindsey:           That’s a possibility. Absolutely, yes. But you want to make sure it stays in your voice, and that it’s interesting and not boring, and actually has something to say.

Josh:                Oh, that goes without saying, but it’s still— in all, I’m just thinking about—

My first mentor had this term, operationally doable. And knowing how most private business owners– you know, 6000 words. I’m a really fast write and for me that would be about four or five hours of work.

Lindsey:           Well, again, I didn’t mean to scare everybody but I’m just saying—

Josh:                Yeah, you scared me but—

Lindsey:           I’m sorry. If you want results on Google. Like, to get some Google traffic, which everybody wants. It’s the best kind of traffic.

Josh:                Sure.

Lindsey:           And you don’t want to hire an SEO company at 600- or 700 bucks a month, that’s how you’re going to do it.

Josh:                Okay.

Lindsey:           Now, if you want to follow the CLICK technique and you don’t really care about organic search results, I don’t care how long your blog post is as long as it’s consistent.

Josh:                Okay. Cool.

So what’s the L stand for?

Lindsey:           Land. So when people land on your page, you need to make sure you have your – and tell me if you have a question on any of these, okay?

Josh:                I will.

Lindsey:           You need to make sure you have your Google Analytics installed so you’re tracking everybody who comes to the website. You need to make sure you have your Facebook Pixel installed so your pixeling all of these people that are coming and reading your cool content.

Josh:                Can you explain what a Facebook Pixel is?

Lindsey:           Yes. So I’m going to explain what a Facebook Pixel and I want everyone to go out and do it even if you’re not ready to run Facebook Ads or like get into the nitty-gritty of all the details. But I want you to install this Facebook Pixel or have your developer install it today. So, a year from now, when you’re ready to get serious about online marketing, you’ll thank me because it will have gathered a bunch of data.

So what the Facebook Pixel is, is essentially, you go to Facebook and you create what’s called an Ad Account. They’ll walk you through it, piece of cake. And every ad account has what’s called a pixel – a unique pixel associated to it. You can go in there and you can actually find a tutorial on my website. But you can go in there. It’s a piece of code that you put on all of the pages of your website.

You can just put it in the header file. It’s not like you have to go to every page. You put it in the header file of the web site. And then, when people come and read your blog post, or watch your video, or listen to your podcast, this pixel will “pixel” them and know who they are.

Facebook knows everything about us. So this pixel suddenly remembers this person. So now, what can we do with this information, Josh? We can go to Facebook and we can say, “Hey, Facebook, everybody who has visited my website in the last 30 days, show them this ad for my opt-in, or show them this ad for an offer that I have.”

Or, taking it a step further, you can go to Facebook and say, “Hey, Facebook, remember those hundred people that visited my site? You know how old they are, where they work, what their likes are, what they do, like, everything about them. Can you go and create me a look-alike audience of one million people in the United States that look a lot like those hundred people that visited my website?” And Facebook will do that. And you can turn around and run an add to all of these people because, in theory, if people are visiting your website, or buying your product, or opting in and you create a look-alike audience, in theory, it will look like all of the people who have already performed the action that you’re asking.

Josh:                So what you’re saying is that Facebook is a really powerful marketing tool for small businesses.

Lindsey:           It’s amazing. It’s wonderful. It’s changed everything. It’s awesome. Yes.

Josh:                And I’m going to add. I haven’t cracked the code for this yet but I’m going to add that businesses you might not think, like our financial planning firm, is a perfect place for us to work on Facebook because all the people you want to do business with, all have Facebook accounts.

Lindsey:           That’s right.

Josh:                And we don’t think about that for commercialization. But it truly is a good thing.

So, let’s move on and go on to I. What does I stand for?

Lindsey:           Sure. I is for irresistible offer. So after some way you curiosity and someone lands at your website, you need to offer them something because 99% of the people who come to your website aren’t going to call you. They’re just kind of looking around and they’re not ready to like commit to you. So you have to give them what’s called an irresistible offer. So that’s a pdf of some amazing information, or a video series that gives them like some top secret info – anything like that in exchange for their e-mail address. Because where the real magic happens is through e-mail marketing. So like anything you can do – beg, and plead, pray, and ask them for their e-mail address.

Josh:                Yeah. It’s really important to realize that what you send out for e-mails is going to be really important in your marketing program.

Lindsey:           Yes.

Josh:                Or at least, it is for us.

Lindsey:           Yes.

Josh:                No question.

The other thing is, by the way, and I think you’ll probably agree with this, is that before anybody ever picks a phone up to call you, they’ve checked out your website.

Lindsey:           100%, yes.

Josh:                They’ve checked you out.

Lindsey:           Yes.

Josh:                In fact, what I’ve read recently is 80% of the buying decision is done before somebody ever walks in your store, or picks up the phone to call you, or asks you for a quote to [inaudible 00:13:30].

Lindsey:           It’s true.

Josh:                So that’s really, really true.

So what’s the second C stand for?

Lindsey:           The final C stands for Cultivate which has to do with e-mail marketing. So after you have their e-mail address, you must cultivate this relationship. And that’s through an e-mail sequence, seeing if they downloaded your pdf, inviting them to join you on social media, maybe highlighting a podcast you’ve been on and asking them like maybe making an offer, asking them for a free consult, or whatever that may be. But the important part of cultivate, Josh, is to – even after that initial auto responder sequence is over, you need to send out at least a weekly summary of your content that we’ve created in the curiosity step.

You need to continually e-mail these people once a week, every week for the rest of your life because you don’t know when people are ready to make the buying decision. And you want to make sure that they remember you when they’re ready to buy that birthday cake or get photography for their kids, whatever it may be. that weekly e-mail will keep you on the top of their mind.

Not only that. Getting your customers on your weekly e-mail list will keep your customers closer. I am personally proof of this. I have customers that respond to my e-mails frequently. On my weekly e-mails, “Oh, yeah. I do need that.” And they won’t go looking around for your competition because you’re proving that you’re still in communication with them. They have a relationship with you. And you’re like providing awesome content that’s new and you’re like cutting edge. And you’re not just like everyone else.

So you must send out that weekly e-mail. And it should be super easy because we’ve spent some time in the curiosity phase.

Josh:                Yes. And a lot of times, when I recommend this to folks, they say, “That’s too many times to e-mail people, they’re going to get sick of it.”

Lindsey:           Nope. They’ve asked.

So someone has sad, “Yes, I want to hear from One-Click Lindsey. I want to hear about the CLICK technique.” Who am I to say, “Well, I don’t think that’s good for you. I don’t think you need so many.” Like, e-mail them. Be on top of their mind. And like I said, Josh, minimum once a week. In the future phases of the CLICK technique, I have some advanced customers that will e-mail daily and they get amazing results.

Josh:                Yes, there are people who do e-mail daily. I think often that if you do it every day forever, it’s a bit much but—

Lindsey:           That’s true.

Josh:                Yeah. If it’s during a launch, I’m okay with it. But if gets past the launch where you’re trying to start a new product, new service or create something in a short period of time but I wouldn’t do it for a long, long period of time because you then get thrown into the “I’ll read you some time but not today.”

Lindsey:           That’s true.

Although I am on two lists that literally e-mail me every day and I look forward to their e-mails.

Josh:                Well, that must be great stuff.

Lindsey:           It is. One’s very entertaining and the other one’s Neil Patel who’s like the #1 guy in generating traffic for websites so I’ve got to hear what he has to say every day.

Josh:                Oh, cool.

So what does that K stand for?

Lindsey:           Well, the K is the hardest for everybody. And that’s Keep going. So you need to not give up. As I mentioned at the beginning of this, it’s three months before you start seeing results. You’ll see them before that but I like to say three months so you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You have to keep going. You have to be consistent. And you have to keep trying out different things.

So that K is for keep going and be consistent.

Josh:                I may have the record for this. I have been sending a newsletter out for 41 years.

Lindsey:           Ah, shut up. That’s awesome.

Josh:                In fact, if you go back to my original newsletters, we used to do them on— I don’t know how old you are, but there used to be things called mimeograph machines where you would type stuff into this mimeograph paper and then put it around this drum, and the drum would go around circles and you would make one copy at a time.

Lindsey:           That is awesome.

Josh:                That was 1976. So we would send out about 60 a month. And now we send out 7000 a week.

Lindsey:           So do you credit that for your success in business.

Josh:                A certain piece of it, for sure.

I actually like writing my newsletter. Now, I was telling to a client this morning, as a way for me to cement new knowledge I’ve learned and remain as a thought leader in the space that I work in.

Lindsey:           I love it.

Josh:                So that’s actually my main reason for doing it. It’s also one of the reasons I do this podcast because I’ve already learned a whole bunch from you today. And I would’ve never learned this had I not been doing a podcast.

Lindsey:           Yeah. And we’d never have like talked or been best friends, right?

Josh:                Right. So this, you know, a very, very cool thing.

So what would one need to be spending if they were to put a good program together for marketing?

Lindsey:           Well, let’s start with the lower level of that. So in the CLICK technique, I literally describe what my lower level clients will commit to. And that is on Facebook marketing, literally, $5 a day on a Facebook likes campaign, building up the likes on their page. That’s what I call top of funnel people.

You run a Facebook like campaign and say, “Hey, like my page.” And they raise their hand and they’re suddenly like one step further into your funnel. And then you create your awesome content that we talked about in the curiosity phase. You put that out there. And you boost that post to just your audience for $5 a day.

It’s super easy. You don’t need a Facebook marketer like myself to do this for you. It will produce results. So that’s not very much. That’s a latte per day. I recommend $5 a day on that. And every time you do some amazing content, you boost that to your fans for 5 bucks.

Josh:                So if you want to hire a Facebook marketer like you, what is the cost on that as a rule?

Lindsey:           In general, you’re looking at around $750-plus ad spend.

Josh:                Per month?

Lindsey:           Yes. Especially that first month, you’ll probably be able to go back after the first month but you have to make sure landing page is in your funnel everything is set up. And that usually starts out about $750 a month. In theory, if they set up a good Facebook marketing campaign and get everything set up in that first month and the ads kind of dialed in, you could kind of take it over.

Josh:                And I’m going to tell those who are listening that this is something you really don’t want to be doing yourself.

Lindsey:           Yeah.

Josh:                I have tried for years and I have been a terrible failure at it. And the reason is I know enough to be dangerous. I and don’t know enough to be good. And it’s really important for folks who are listening to know that most of us know enough to be dangerous, if that. And there’s a reason people like Lindsey exist. So my recommendation is, (1), you have to be doing social media marketing. (2) Find somebody competent to work with. And (3) be consistent. If you’re not consistent, nobody is going to know you’re there. And systematize, find people to do it besides you. But these are all really important things to do.

Lindsey, unfortunately, we managed to get to your CLICK and we are out of time.

Lindsey:           Yes.

Josh:                So, I know I want to contact you. And I’m going to bet other people want to contact you to learn more about what you do and maybe even hire you. So how would they go about doing that?

Lindsey:           Yeah. I think one of the best ways is just to go to my website and you can spell that any way you want. Or, definitely go visit to start doing stuff for yourself, but you’ll see me in there as well.

Josh:                Cool.

And if somebody wanted to e-mail you, Lindsey, how would they do that?

Lindsey:           That would be and that’s L-I-N-D-S-E-Y.

Josh:                Cool.

Thanks so much for being with us today.

And I have an offer for you also, is that I have a 1-hour free audio CD course called Success to Sustainability: The Five Things You Need to Do to Create a Sustainable Business.

To get it, it’s really easy. I just want you to take out your smart phone and I don’t want you to do this if you’re driving. I am sick of people texting and driving. But if you’re not driving, take out your smart phone and text the word SUSTAINABLE to 44222. That’s SUSTAINABLE to 44222. You’ll get a link. You click the link. You put in your name and your address. And we’ll mail you the one-hour CD. And you can listen to it in your car as you’re driving around. And I bet you’ll learn something you didn’t know that’ll be useful for you.

This is Josh Patrick. You’re at the Sustainable Business. Thanks a lot for spending some time with us today. I hope to see you back here really soon.

Narrator:         You’ve been listening to The Sustainable Business podcast where we ask the question, “What would it take for your business to still be around 100 years from now?” If you like what you’ve heard and want more information, please contact Josh Patrick at 802‑846‑1264 ext 2, or visit us on our website at, or you can send Josh an e-mail at

Thanks for listening. We hope to see you at The Sustainable Business in the near future.

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