On this episode Josh speaks with Lindsey Anderson from OneClickLindsey.com. She talks to Josh about the emerging world of smart speakers and how now is a good time to market through doing one minute daily “flash briefings”.

Lindsey is a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads. Lindsey is the founder and CEO of Traffic & Leads that specializes in driving traffic, getting leads and the art of nurturing leads to become lifelong clients.

Lindsey is an expert in landing pages, email sequences, search engine ranking, newsletters, analytics, social media, pay-per-click ads, websites, blogging … the list goes on. She knows how to utilize the myriad of online marketing options to generate more traffic and leads which produces more paying clients.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • What is smart speaker marketing?
  • What is flash briefing?
  • How to take advantage of big market with low competition?
  • How to create one-minute marketing content?
  • When should you start with this kind of marketing?


Narrator:         Welcome to The Sustainable Business Radio Show podcast where you’ll learn not only how to create a sustainable business but you’ll also learn the secrets of creating extraordinary value within your business and your life. In The Sustainable Business, we focus on what it’s going to take for you to take your successful business and make it economically and personally successful. Your host, Josh Patrick, is going to help us through finding great thought leaders as well as providing insights he’s learned through his 40 years of owning, running, planning and thinking about what it takes to make a successful business sustainable.

Josh:                 Hey, this is Josh Patrick. You’re at The Sustainable Business podcast. Our guest today is Lindsey Anderson from OneClickLindsey. Lindsey is a three-time repeat offender with us. This is her third time on the show. She sent me an email saying, “I’ve got this new program. I’m dying to talk about it. Will you let me on your podcast again?” Of course, any time Lindsey asks to be on the podcast, she is such a great guest, I always say yes. Let’s bring Lindsey on.

Hey, Lindsey. How are you today?

Lindsey:           Josh, how are you doing?

Josh:                 I’m doing great. I’m doing great. Just got back from Italy. That was a whole lot of fun. What is it that you’re up to?

Lindsey:           I will tell you what I’m up to, Josh. It has to do with smart speaker marketing. I said this to a mastermind group of mine and they said, “What do you mean smart speaker marketing? Like, getting up in a front of a bunch of people and speaking smartly?” I was like, “No. No, not that. I’m talking about technology.” In fact, if you guys are watching on Facebook Live, I’m going to show you a little example. You see this little device? This little smart speaker? This is an Amazon Dot, all right. Do you have one of these, Josh? Do you have a smart speaker at home?

Josh:                 I do not have a smart speaker at home. It’s the only piece of technology I’ve resisted since the fax machine came out.

Lindsey:           Fair enough. I understand why you would resist it, but let me tell you, Josh, this is the fastest-growing piece of technology there is. One day you will adopt it because millions and millions of other people are. In fact, it took this little smart speaker only two years to penetrate into however many households as it took TV to penetrate in 14 years, Josh. That is how fast this technology is moving.

Josh:                 Okay. What is–

Lindsey:           You sound skeptical still.

Josh:                 I just don’t want Amazon, or Apple, or anybody else listening to my conversations when they’re not supposed to be.

Lindsey:           Fair enough.

However, let me back up just a little. Just so you know, this is an Amazon Dot. They sell three or four different versions of the smart speaker. Apple has one called the iHome or something like that. It only has 4% market share. Google also has one called the HomePod. Facebook just recently announced that they’re releasing theirs and it is called the Portal. All of these tech giants understand how this technology will be revolutionizing our households so they are all jumping on the bandwagon to get a piece. Even though many people are like Josh, you can’t tell me that your customers aren’t listening in because millions and millions and millions of people have this. That is one important piece of this conversation is take your personal feelings about this technology and put them on the shelf over here for a minute and realize that your customers don’t feel like you do. Fair enough?

Josh:                 Well, I would say that’s partially true.

Lindsey:           Why only partially?

Josh:                 Lots of my customers are kind of old. I’ve seen a few of these in some of my customers’ houses, and friends of mine’s houses. I’ve asked them, “What do you use it for?” They kind of shrugged their shoulders at me. I know how to turn on my TV with my remote control.

Lindsey:           Fair enough.

Josh:                 Talking to something and say, “change the channel”. I’m not sure that adds a whole lot of value to my life.

Lindsey:           Josh, it will.

Josh:                 When it does, I’ll buy one.

Lindsey:           That’s a year from now. I mean, like, “Josh, how’s your BFF Alexa doing?” And you’ll be like, “Yeah, I really like it.”

Josh:                 [laughs] My wife will never like it.

Lindsey:           For those that don’t have a smart speaker, let me kind of explain a little bit about the application when it comes to marketing, at least the application that I’m talking about today, fair enough?

Josh:                 Fair enough.

Lindsey:           First of all, my husband is a technology adopter. We have about five of these at home. They do everything from, “Hey, Alexa, add milk to the grocery list” which she will automatically do. If I’m in the middle of wrangling my three children, I don’t have to get on my phone and put it on the shopping list. I can just tell Alexa to do it. I can tell Alexa, “Hey, it’s dinner time.” She will ring a bell on all five devices. All the children will rush down the stairs and music will be playing. Dinner time is called. Or, “Hey, Alexa, play XYZ in the playroom.” She can do a lot of things.

I know Josh doesn’t like her but Alexa and I are really good friends at this point. The main thing that Alexa does is, every morning – and this has happened over every morning for the past five years, in my household, I will be brushing the teeth, doing the hair and I will say this. Josh, I will say, “Alexa, play me the news.” She will go out and find a whole bunch of content providers that I went to my Alexa app and I have set up. I said, “Hey, Alexa, every time I say, “Alexa, play the news”, she’ll play content provider 1. Maybe it’s a digital marketing one. In fact, mine’s called the digital marketing where she’ll play a one-minute tidbit from OneClickLindsey about how to get ready for digital marketing through the day. She’ll play a one-minute motivational thing. She’ll play a one-minute thing on health and nutrition and the importance of eating well to stay well. And then, she’ll play the New York Times podcast and whatever else I have set up to go. This all takes about 30 minutes. And I listen to it every single morning.

May I do a demo for you right now, Josh? Are you cool with that?

Josh:                 Please, go right ahead.

Lindsey:           Okay, here it goes. This is what it looks like, in my bathroom, in the mornings. Alexa– Alexa? Uh-oh, why is she mad at me? Hold on. “I’m having trouble connecting to the internet.” “Oh, shoot.” Alexa– “Take a look at the health [inaudible 00:06:14].” Naughty, Alexa. Alexa–

She’s not going to work for me today. Sorry, Josh. Darn.

Josh:                 [laughs].

Lindsey:           I feel mad. It kind of blew up in my face, if you know what I mean, on that one. Usually if I would say, “Alexa, play the news.” She was going to play all the stuff.

What I’m proposing to you and those people who want their brands recognized on Alexa is that you go and you create these one-minute tidbits. You go get yourself in the store, on Alexa. It’s super easy to do. You will have a one-minute tidbit voice on Alexa for these people every single morning, building that know, like and trust factor.

Guess what, Josh, podcasting is extremely saturated at this point. The last time I looked at these Alexa skills, guess how many there were? 7,000, that is not very many when you start looking at like even like compared to podcast, or compared to other content providers. You guys need to go out to Alexa. You need to see what topics are being covered and get in there.

It’s time because everyone’s going to get one of these for Christmas. And when they’re sitting on their couch, and the kids have opened all their presents, and grandpa’s snoring on the couch, they’re going to be looking at their new Alexa app, trying to find content providers and I want you and your clients to be the one they select.

Josh:                 Okay. You go to your Alexa app, how do they find you on the Alexa app? 7000, I know, in the world of marketing, it’s not a huge number but it’s still a big number.

Lindsey:           It’s not though.

Essentially, you go to the Alexa app. And you guys can– also, for those who do not–

I have two other announcements. Hold on. Hold the show. First of all, you can go to Amazon.com and there’s a little dropdown and you can select Alexa skills. You can search digital marketing, essential oils, health and nutrition, coaching, businesses, accounting, whatever. You can’t hear them from there but you can actually see what your competition is right now. You’ll see that I’m right, that there’s only a handful in every single industry.

Second of all, just on Friday, Windows announced that every Windows10 machine will now have the availability for you to download Alexa on all Windows10 machines. Now, suddenly, your content is available on all Windows10 machines which just makes it that much more amazing.

Josh:                 If I put my content in Amazon, Windows also is going to be– or do I have to do it separately for Windows, Mac–?

Lindsey:           Nope, it’ll be all in one.

Back in the day, before I came along, Josh, you’d have to make one for the Google Home. You’d have to make one for the Amazon Alexa. I created a piece of software where you upload one and we serve it out to all these smart speakers, Josh. It’s true. Go to smartspeakerhub.com to find out more.

Josh:                 Smart–

Lindsey:           Sorry, I had to do a plug there. Are you okay with that?

Josh:                 You’re allowed to do the plug there.

Let’s talk about this in real world marketing terms because right now I’m a little confused and that’s not completely unusual. I have a podcast. It’s Sustainable Business. You’re on it right now. This is episode 180-something or other. I’ve been doing this for a while. What I’m going to do is I’m going to change and I’m going to have a one-minute message that I’m going to record. I assume I’m going to record 10 or 12 of these at once and I put it out every day, is that correct?

Lindsey:           Yeah, I’d batch those babies up for 30 at a time. You have to sit down for one hour, once a month, record 30 and then they will drip to Alexa.

Josh:                 Okay, so when they go into Alexa. In one minute, I can give you an idea in one minute. That’s not a huge problem. How do they find me if they like what I’m talking about?

Lindsey:           This is one of the most beautiful pieces, Josh. Let’s compare it to podcasting. You have a podcast. People might listen to an episode. People might listen to a piece of an episode. Then, as a podcaster, you have to beg and plead for them to subscribe.

Alexa’s backwards, they actually can’t hear how amazing Josh is without subscribing, so they would go into the Alexa app and they will say, “I want to play this first. I want to play this second. I want play Josh third.” And then, they will do their thing and they will listen to them. And then, if they really hate what Josh has to say, the pain of disconnecting so much they have to pick up their phone and disconnect from Josh.

Josh:                 Okay, so they’ve connected to Josh. They listen to me. Let’s say they listen for two or three weeks straight and they say, “Well, this guy presents some interesting stuff” How do they find me?

Lindsey:           Okay. This is very similar to podcasting. First of all, let me put this out there, your Alexa flash briefing can be 10 minutes long. Alexa accepts up to a 10-minute thing. My personal experience and the victory stories that I have heard and seen myself, they have stayed within one minute. My personal recommendation is you keep it to one minute. Just like podcasting, you give your one-minute thing. And then, at the very end, you can do any sort of giveaway. “Hey, join me at the ClickTechnique.com, if you want to join my free Facebook group. Or, Hey, I’m running a special on XYZ. Go check it out at this URL.” It’s very similar to podcasting where you do your message. And then, at the end, you can have a little call to action to collect email addresses, promote something, or just general, “look, how cool I am” stuff.

Josh:                 You’re basically doing a 45-second message and a 15-second ad?

Lindsey:           Yes.

Josh:                 Okay. That sounds pretty cool.

In my opinion, getting past my wise guy, “I’m not buying one of these things because there’s enough eavesdropping going on already,” my belief is my computer actually listens to me because now they have Siri on the Mac so.

Lindsey:           A famous picture of Mark Zuckerberg who has a piece of tape over his camera on his computer. If anything freaks you out, that should freak you out.

Josh:                 Right.

The privacy went by the wayside probably 10 years ago. As much as we’d like to pretend we have privacy, we really don’t. How do I get the word out about my Alexa cast or whatever you call these things.

Lindsey:           A flash briefing is what it’s called.

Josh:                 A flash briefing.

Lindsey:           Yes.

Josh:                 Okay.

Lindsey:           First of all, you’re going to get a lot of–

I have a client who is a personal trainer. He simply put his Alexa flash briefing on. In three months, he had over 10,000 downloads. He didn’t market it. He didn’t do anything besides, “Hey, I’m health and nutrition.” He has some good reviews on Alexa app so people knew that it was quality content. He has 10,000 briefing downloads in three months. For those that are running a podcast, you would know that’s pretty incredible, right?

Josh:                 Yes, it is.

Lindsey:           They’re going to find you on the Alexa app. And then, second of all, it’s like marketing anything else, your podcast. You can market it, obviously, through your emails, your Facebook, on your website, “Make sure you find us on Alexa.” All of these calls to action, just like you would anything else like your podcast or any web show that you’re doing.

Josh:                 I assume you’ve been doing one yourself.

Lindsey:           I surely have.

Josh:                 Have you good results?

Lindsey:           Only for about three weeks. That’s how cutting and bleeding edge this is, Josh. It’s bleeding edge.

Josh:                 How many podcasts are out there?

Lindsey:           A hundred million trillion. I don’t know. A lot.

Josh:                 [laughs] Is a hundred million trillion close to a bazillion?

Lindsey:           Yes. Yes, there is a crap ton. That is the technical term for it, of podcasts out there.

Josh:                 Okay. What’s the window that you believe is going to be open before this channel also gets saturated?

Lindsey:           Soon. I think a lot of people are going to get a smart speaker for Christmas.

Josh and I are recording this on 11/12/2018. I think a lot of people are going to get these for Christmas and things are going to spike after that. I truly, truly do.

Josh:                 By the way, if you’re seeing this on Facebook Live, it is 11/12/2018. If you’re listening to the podcast episode, I think we’re some place in January but that’s besides the point.

Lindsey:           Yeah, it’s time to go. You guys are already too late.

Josh:                 My guess is the window is probably 12 to 18 months.

Lindsey:           That’s probably fair.

The other reason why I’m like 911-ing it, Josh, is because like I don’t know where you were the first time you heard about this weird thing called Facebook. I was at my customer’s. I was at a big customer of mine, Chesbro Music. Cory Kerr comes up the me and says, “Are you guys on Facebook? We should totally connect there.” I remember being like, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, dude.”

If only I would’ve listened to Cory Kerr, I could’ve been running ads, I could have a very successful Facebook page. You know what I mean? Like, I do but it’s been an uphill battle now. But if only I was an early adopter, you can really cash in on some of these things.

That’s what I’m trying to tell you guys. This is the new digital marketing gold rush. I don’t mean to be like crazy fanatic about it. These smart speakers are tweaking over our homes. They just are. They’re not going away.

Josh:                 Well, there’s no question about that. I actually think it’s probably going to be–

You know, Facebook Live was the hot thing last year. Facebook Live is now– everything I’m reading about Facebook Live says it’s basically dead, although it’s still useful.

Lindsey:           I totally disagree but okay.

Josh:                 Well, it doesn’t seem to be getting the traction that it did a few months ago. How’s that?

Lindsey:           Fair enough.

Josh:                 The reason is most Facebook Live presentations really are not the best things in the world and you have to invest too much time in it. If someone’s going to watch, they certainly have to sit down and either listen to it for 20 minutes or 25 minutes or they’re going to sit in front of their computer screen and watch one show for 25 minutes. The truth is, in 30 seconds, you really got your message out which is– I forgot the site that you want people to go to, that was what you need to say. This is what you need to do. This is why you need to do it. End of message. Go on to your next thing. Frankly, that fits in, in my opinion, with our lack of attention and our lack of actually being able to pay attention.

Long form journalism has basically disappeared from the world.

Lindsey:           Truth.

Josh:                 Rolling Stones still does it. Vanity Fair does it. The New Yorker does it and the Atlantic. That’s about all I can think of that does long-form journalism. It’s the same thing with long-form podcast. I don’t know about you but I will not listen to a podcast that’s an hour long.

Lindsey:           No way. I don’t have an hour for you.

Josh:                 The reason that our podcast for the Sustainable Business is 23 minutes is that the average commute in the United States is 23 minutes. If you happen to like this podcast and you want to listen to it, you can listen to it driving to or from work and be all done with it.

Lindsey:           I love it.

Josh:                 The truth is while we’re getting ready for the morning, while we’re shaving, or brushing our teeth, or whatever we’re doing, it’s a pretty boring time-dead activity. If you fill five minutes’ worth of stuff that kind of amuses you, I might want to listen to five minutes’ worth of jokes. You might want to listen to five minutes from Digital Marketer. We both can be happy and we’re using our time a little bit more efficiently.

Lindsey:           Amen.

Josh:                 There you are.

I actually think this makes a lot of sense. I can record once and your software’s going to distribute to all the platforms, correct?

Lindsey:           As of right now, we are currently distributing to Amazon. Our next step is to go to Google Home because this is a new piece of software, bleeding edge. Our next is Google Home. We’ll see what happens when Facebook Portal comes out. Essentially, we are looking to be set up.

Now, the other thing the software does right now, you actually have to hire a programmer to create a custom RSS feed for Alexa or use my software in order to batch process this. Otherwise, you have to get up every morning and upload it to Amazon. That is where the technology is right now. In order to batch process and bowl these out, you have to use my piece of software or get a computer programmer to customize your RSS feed.

Josh:                 Lindsey, we are basically out of time for this podcast. Surprise, surprise, surprise. I’m going to bet that people who are listening to this are going to say, “Okay, this is kind of interesting.” What was that place she talked about and how do I find it?”

Lindsey:           You know what, the main place you guys need to go is to SmartSpeakerWebinar.com. I give a full training with good demos that actually work unlike they did today. SmartSpeakerWebinar.com. Go put your email address in, 45-minute free training. That’s all you need to know. Plus, I have a demo on there, of what my smart speaker, what my digital marketing morsel sounds like, okay. Smartspeakerwebinar.com.

Josh:                 If I want to buy it, where would I go for that?

Lindsey:           You’ll find out when you get to SmartSpeakerWebinar.com.

Josh:                 I don’t want to go to your webinar. I want to know how to buy it.

Lindsey:           SmartSpeakerHub.com.

Josh:                 Okay. I mean, there are people out there who are going to say, “I don’t need to listen to your webinar, Lindsey. I just want to buy it.”

Lindsey:           Well, if you listen to the webinar, there is a offer at the end basically where I will do everything for you. Your speaker art. I’ll SEO it. I’ll load it up. I’ll quality control. I’ll do everything for you. All you have to do is give me the recordings, okay? Like, I will do it all for you so that’s why you want to go to SmartSpeakerWebinar.com.

Josh:                 Okay, cool.

I also have an offer for you, too. I have just released my news program, my daily programs, I’m releasing. My newest program is called Cracking the Cash Flow Code. I have a free infographic I put together for that. All you have to do is click the link at the bottom of the page. You go to www.sustainablebusiness.co. Go to podcast. You go to this episode. Go to the bottom. Click on the link and you get our free infographic. You’ll learn how to crack the cash flow code for your business so you have enough cash to cover the four areas of profit that are absolutely crucial for every business.

This is Josh Patrick. We’ve been with Lindsey Anderson learning about bleeding edge technology at the Sustainable Business. Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope to see you back here really soon.

Narrator:         You’ve been listening to The Sustainable Business podcast where we ask the question, “What would it take for your business to still be around a hundred years from now?” If you like what you’ve heard and want more information, please contact Josh Patrick at 802-846-1264 ext 2, or visit us on our website at www.askjoshpatrick.com, or you can send Josh an email at jpatrick@askjoshpatrick.com.

Thanks for listening. We hope to see you at The Sustainable Business in the near future.

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