I'm going to bet that when you hear the term sustainable business, you either think about environmental sustainability or economic sustainability. Rarely will I ever hear anyone say anything about personal sustainability. 



I'm gonna bet that when you hear the term sustainable business, you either think about environmental sustainability or economic sustainability. Rarely will I ever hear anyone say anything about personal sustainability.

You see, there are two sides of a sustainable business. The first is the economic side and the second is the personal side. Both are crucial if you're going to build a sustainable business.

I'm going to go address each in turn. But it's important to start out with understanding what did I mean by sustainable. Simply put, it means that we have a business that fills both your personal and your economic needs.

You know, the problem is no one has told you about the two sides of business. A sustainable business needs economic and personal sustainability. You'll never find a successful, long-term company that doesn't have both of those two parts.

Let's take Apple for an example. It's an extremely economically sound company, but it's also very charismatic because they believe in their product so much. They've built something worth buying. You know that something is missing, you just don't know what.

You need to make sure that you're building a business, not just looking for ways to get rich quick. If your only goal is to be successful in the short term and then do nothing else, you're never going to become sustainable. You know, this might make you feel like you're not successful because you've never achieved your goal of getting rich quick.

Hence, sustainable business is about both economic and personal sustainability. Personal sustainability means more than just making money or giving back in some way. It also means taking care of yourself so you have a rich life and a rich business.

We understand how frustrating this concept might be. If you're new to the idea of sustainable business, I hope this helps. Remember, a sustainable business is about more than just money. It's about taking care of yourself, your employees, and creating a rich life for everyone. A lot of people think that sustainability means only saving the environment or cutting costs because they don't realize business also has the need for a personal side.

You know, it took me almost 40 years to understand the two sides of a private business. I want you learn this in much less time.

So what is personal sustainability?

Personal sustainability means taking care of yourself in order to survive. This includes eating right, exercising each day, and getting enough sleep. Something that I need to think more about. It also means having a hobby or an outside activity that you enjoy so you have something to look forward to after work. For me, it's been live music because I like the feeling of great musicians effortlessly working together.

So learning about the two sides of money I want you to do the following.

  1. First, know how to get the right technical side of your business. This includes knowing about taxes, how to manage cash flow, and how to invest.

  2. Second, know that you also need the personal side. This means taking care of yourself first so you can make a sustainable business work for you, your life, instead of the other way around.

  3. And third, have a conversation with us about what a sustainable business means for you. Our alignment conversation will help you learn where you are on the success path of creating a sustainable business.

I would love to have a conversation with you about this, so feel free contacting me at jpatrick@stage2planning.com for us to set up a time to talk.

In the meantime, if you're not ready to talk, download our free infographic on the alignment conversation. You'll learn how to figure out what's really important for you to focus on.

And while you're at it, scroll down and let me know what you think about building a truly sustainable business where the economics and the personal side are both solid.

Hey, this is Josh Patrick. You're at the sustainable business. Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope to see you back here really soon.

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