This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  I love the idea of collaboration and when the right time occurs, collaboration is great.  The thing we all need is allies.  Spend a few minutes watching this video and let me know what you think in the comments below or just click here and send me an email with your thoughts.




create-value-and-profit-will-followToday, we’re going to talk about something a little bit different and a little bit more esoteric than things we normally talk about in our video blogs. So today, we’re going to talk about the concept of allies and the concept of collaboration. So let’s start off with collaboration. You know, the first question you want to ask is “What is collaboration?” Well, collaboration is where you bring your best ideas, I bring my best ideas and we work together to create a great outcome.

Now, collaborators sometimes get into the foxhole together and sometimes they don’t. But collaboration, in many advisor’s mind, and in many people’s minds is the gold standard of how you can work the best together. You know, it’s been what I thought was my goal when I was working with clients. I’m going to bet a bunch of you thought it was your goal when you’re working with your customers, or co-workers, or vendors, or any of the stakeholders in your business.

Hi, I’m Josh Patrick and I’m the founder here at Ask Josh Patrick. I’d like to think about some of these sort of weird things a lot because, in my experience, it adds a tremendous amount of value to your business and are some of the keys that help create a sustainable business. So, let’s move on we’ll talk a little bit more about allies and collaborators. You know what I first started thinking about collaboration as being the gold standard in the whole thing.

What Chris Brogan taught me.

A few weeks ago, I found out I might be wrong about this. And I want to thank Chris Brogan for actually having me think about this a little bit deeper normally than I would do. So, here’s Chris’s definition of an ally. Allies are ready to get in the foxhole together. Collaborators want to work together, getting a great outcome, but they might necessarily not be wanting to get into the foxhole.

So an ally, in my mind, is actually a higher level of commitment to another person than being a collaborator is. You know, being a collaborator is a great goal. And collaborations are really a rare thing. At best, most of the time, we get cooperation but we never really get to collaboration.

As I’m thinking about the difference, I’m thinking about what we want to do which is to collaborate but more importantly, we also want to be an ally. I’m hoping you think about this and say, “Gee, how can I apply this to my business? And how can I apply this to the people that I work with?”

What you might be concerned about when thinking about allies.

You know, here are some things as an ally that you might be concerned about. You might be concerned about problems and opportunities of the other person as much as they are. You’re going to get psychologically invested as much as the other people are in getting a great outcome.

You know, think about allies in the military. Now, what are allies in the military? You might think of it as people in the same unit. They’re absolutely committed to each other to getting great outcomes together and be safe together.

What I’ll do for you if you’re an ally.

As an ally, I’m probably willing to work some extra hours and take some more time to make sure we get an outcome that is just absolutely outstanding. As a collaborator, I certainly want to work with you to get a great outcome but I’m not sure I put in the extra hours that I need to. As an ally, I will. And finally, as an ally, I’m going to be just as proud as you when we achieve great things together.

Now, I’m going to hope that’s the way you’re feeling about the stakeholders and the people that you work with. I’m hoping that you want them to be allies. So, here’s something I’ve been thinking about which kind of ties all of these together. You know, it’s easy to say, “Gee, a collaborator is good but it’s not great and allies are great but who knows what’s going to happen?” And the truth is it’s not either/or – it’s more likely both.

So, here’s something that, you know, I want you to think about. I want you to think about how you can be an ally and a collaborator with the people that you work with. And to help you with this, I’m going to make an offer for you. We have this e-book called the Objective Review. And what it does is it talks about what we do with clients the first day and a half we work together with them. Now, more importantly than what we do that first day and a half, it’s going to give you a bunch of questions that you can ask about your business, you can ask about your stakeholders, and you can ask about what would make your business truly sustainable. To get this e-book, all you’ve got to do is click on the button below and we’ll have it on its way to you.

So thanks a lot for stopping by today. I hope to see you back here really soon. Again, I’m Josh Patrick and you’re at Ask Josh Patrick. Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope to see you soon

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