The most important skill you’re ever gonna learn if you wanna create a truly sustainable business is delegation. Many business owners I know hate having employees and I think the reason for this, is they have an almost impossible time, getting their employees to do what they want. Now this is where learning how to delegate comes in and that’s what you’re gonna learn in today’s video.


Today we’re gonna talk about the fine art delegation. This might be the most important skill, you’re ever gonna learn if you wanna create, a truly sustainable business. Many business owners I know hate having employees and I think the reason for this, is they have an almost impossible time, getting their employees to do what they want. Now this is where learning how to delegate comes in and that’s what you’re gonna learn today.

I bet if you’re like most business owners, you’re really sick of delegating only to find out what you thought was gonna be done, was either not done or done unbelievably poorly. What if I could show you three simple things, you need to know that will stop your frustration and give you the results you want, when it comes to delegation. That’s exactly what we’re gonna do today.

Hi, I’m Josh Patrick, I’m the founder of the Sustainable Business, Cracking Cash-Flow Code and tons of other programs. I’m also the author of Sustainable, a fable about creating an economically and personally sustainable business.

So let’s jump in and become delegation ninjas. There’s two things that I bet keep you from delegating.

Here’s the first, you don’t trust people. And the reason you don’t trust people is that, one of these four things is probably out of whack. Now there’s a guy named Charles Green that came up with a great thing which is called the Trust Formula.

And the Trust Formula very simply is, reliability plus confidence plus intimacy, divided by self interest, tells you how much you trust somebody.

Now reliability means do you do what you say you’re gonna do when you’re gonna say it. Confidence means that you have the skill level to do what you need to do. Intimacy means you care about the other person, you’re working with it and self interest is, are you working for your self interest or their self interests? Now the higher you can make reliability, confidence and intimacy, the more trust you’re gonna have. The lower you can make self interest, the more trust you’re gonna have. So that’s the first thing that keeps you from delegating, if you really don’t trust your people and you don’t have an assistant for figuring out where trust is going wrong.

Now here is the second thing, you need to have a culture and mistakes. Now that doesn’t mean you wanna have mistakes made, just for fun but frankly, people learn when they make mistakes, they really don’t learn when you do it right. So one of my favorite sayings is from, one of my favorite thinkers, a guy named Buckminster Fuller.

And one of his sayings was “You don’t learn less”. And the second thing he said is, “Mistakes are learning experiences”.

So you want your people to learn. Which means you want them to make mistakes but when they make those mistakes, you wanna make sure they learn something, from the mistakes they made.

So here’s what you need to do around mistakes, you need to learn and use what I call EIA. EIA stands for Expect, Inspect, Accept. So when you set an expectation and you go back to, inspect it to make sure it’s done properly and then you accept it, that’s delegation. If you don’t do the inspection stage which is where lots of business owners fall down, you’re not delegating, you’re advocating.

And that’s where the problem comes in with people who are learning how to delegate. Is that they say it didn’t work. I can’t do it, I have to do it myself. Well the truth is you’re making mistakes and learning how to delegate and you need to correct those mistakes. Learn from those mistakes, get better at delegation and that’s gonna give you the freedom to actually grow your business.

Now, the other thing I want you to, I wanna emphasize once again is mistakes are okay as long as they’re learning mistakes. That means if someone’s making the same mistake, over and over and over again and it’s not learning something from it, you need to ask them what’s causing those to happen?

So when you have a problem with trust and that’s always gonna happen, when you’re learning how to delegate, you need to know which part of the Trust Formula, has broken down.

Does the person do not care about you or your company or are you not competent to do the job that you want them to do or are they not reliable? Don’t they get back to you, when things aren’t working properly? Those are the things you need to be taking a look at and understanding what’s broken down so you can fix that trust and it becomes easier, for you to delegate to somebody that you trust. In fact, you’re not gonna delegate, if you don’t trust the people you’re delegating to.

And the final thing I want you to do, I want you to practice and I want you to practice some more. Look, delegation and mistakes, they’re gonna come together. You’re gonna need to learn how to delegate which means you’re gonna make mistakes along the way and the people you’re delegating to, will be making mistakes along the way. Both of you need to learn from those mistakes. So I want you to continue to practice, I don’t want you to give up. I want you to keep learning till you’re an expert at it.

Oh, by the way, below this video, we have something called Cracking the Cash-Flow Code, it’s free infographic for you that shows the five stages that you go through to create enough cash in your business so your business becomes economically and personally sustainable. Why don’t you click on that button below, get your infographic, check it out, look where you are on the road to creating enough cash, in your business and if you wanna give me a call, we can talk about it. Hey this is Josh Patrick. Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope to see you back here really soon again.

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