I often get into conversations with people about who we’re a good fit to serve. If I was to tell you that we can help any private business owner, I might be accurate. That’s because we can help any business to one degree or another.

At the same time, there is one type of businesses that we can help the most. These are the businesses that I’ve spent significant time working with and types of businesses that we’ve had significant success.


I often get into conversation with other people about who are a good fit to serve in, if I was to tell you that we could help any private business owner, the truth is you wouldn’t believe me. And, that’s a problem for many advisors, is that we get into this thing where we say, well we can help anybody. Well, that might be true, but there’s one type of business that I can help the most. It’s the one that I’ve spent the most time around with. In fact I had my own business that fits into this type for 20 years.

In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about who are a good fit for, what you can expect if you decide to do business with us.

Hi, my name’s Josh Patrick and I’m the author of Sustainable, a fable about creating a personally and economically sustainable business. I’m also the founder of Stage 2 Planning and The Sustainable Business.

So let’s jump right into this week’s topic. So, the type of business that we serve well, I mean really well, the type of business that I know more about and I can absolutely add value to, are blue collar businesses that have between 10 and 100 employees.

You know, I find that it’s the number of employees you have that often tell me what your challenges are, or what your opportunities might be. Now you can have a construction company, a service business, a manufacturing company, or a distribution company, and I call all these type of businesses blue collar businesses, and the reason I call ’em blue collar businesses is because most of your employees are blue collar folks. They’re out there doing things with their hands.

Now the challenges that you might have are some of the following.

You might not be creating enough excess cash in your business to fund what I call the four areas of profit. And the four areas of profit are lifestyle and emergency fund for when things go bad, a fully funded growth strategy, and a fully funded retirement plan. Because most of businesses will not get you to retirement all by themselves.

Now you might not be sure how you’re going to reach retirement from your business when it’s time. You’re gonna hope that your business has a significant amount of value, and there’s a chance, and probably a pretty good chance, that you’re gonna be disappointed in what the real value is, when it comes time for you to sell it. And I don’t want that to happen to you.

I bet, for many of you, you’re too involved in doing activities that don’t create significant value for your business or your clients. In fact, most of you are probably spending most of your time doing what I call 25 dollar per hour activities. And that’s something I don’t want you to be doing.

Now you might have a challenge with creating an economically sustainable business, that’s gonna last past you. And an economically sustainable business very simply means that you are operationally irrelevant in your business, you’ve systematized your business, and you have people doing all the direct work in your business.

Now you’re probably having a challenge putting together what I call a sale-ready company. And this is where someone else would want to own your company, but you’re not ready to sell yet. And sale-ready is a place you want to be all the time. Cause when your business is sale-ready, that means your business is operating on all cylinders.

And I’m sure that most of you are having a hard time making yourself operationally irrelevant. You hear the term, you say, boy, operationally irrelevant, that sounds like a great idea to me. It sounds like something that I’m really interested in doing. But you’re having a really hard time getting there. And one of the reasons you’re having a really hard time getting there, is you’re just having a hard time learning how to delegate effectively, or you’re having a hard time learning how to systemize your business, so the business can run without you.

So, these are the types of businesses challenges that we have the best results with. Now here’s something that happens with us.

I am never going to say yes to working with you unless I’m sure I can help.

And the reason for that is, I put my money behind where my mouth is. We guarantee our work, and we guarantee that you’re gonna get a strategy that will help you get the outcome you want.

If I can’t do that for you, I’m not going to say yes, because if we do say yes and I’m not able to do that, I’m gonna give you your money back.

Now I know there aren’t many people in the advice business that do that. It is one of my pet peeves. But the truth is, it’s my responsibility, not your responsibility, to know that if I can help you. It’s not your job to try to figure out if I can help you. So by giving you that guarantee, the only risk that you take when you work with us is the time that you spend.

Now I would love to have a conversation with you about your business and your opportunities. So why don’t you click on the button below, and let’s set a time for us to talk about your situation, what your opportunities are, or what your problems are. It’s a free 20 minute call, and I guarantee that at the end of that time, you’re gonna have at least one piece of take-home value.

Hey, this is Josh Patrick. Thanks a lot for stopping by. I hope to see you back here really soon, at The Sustainable Business.

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