There’s a reason we always start with values when we work with new clients.  The reason – your company has values and unless you’ve spent a fair amount of time knowing how to use those values in your company, it’s almost impossible for everyone to be on the same page.

Watch this video to find out how values and mission need to fit into your company for you to have a sustainable business.


Hi, today, we’re going to talk about missions and values. I’m hoping that you’ve developed your own mission statement and your own value statement. My guess is most of you haven’t. So, today, we’re going to spend a few minutes talking about what our mission statement is. And I hope you take what ours is and develop your own and apply to it what’s important for you.

So, here’s my belief. Our belief is, values of that company allows you to know if we’re right for you. So, by spending a few minutes listening, to what our mission is and what our values are, will help you decide whether we’re the right company for you. Now, our mission and our values are things that we hold true. They don’t have to be the things that you hold true. But what it does is it allows me to know whether I’m doing the right things or the wrong things, based on my moral compass. And the fact is, our values aren’t going to be right for everybody nor is our mission statement.

Hi, I’m Josh Patrick and I’m the founder here at Ask Josh Patrick. Today, we are talking about missions and values. Let’s get into it.

Our Mission

So here’s our mission. Our mission is, we help business owners create a personally and economically sustainable business. Now, what does that mean? You may have a successful business where you’re making a good living but you’re probably not getting all the things that you need to get out of your business that will allow your business to last past you. If you’re not, you might want to have a conversation with us about what that means.

When you have a business that’s economically sustainable and personally sustainable, it allows you to run your business with a lot more ease. You’re going to have more profits and more fun. And most people I know are in favor of both.

What a mission gives you

Now, it allows you the opportunity, if you have a sustainable business, to leave your business when you want. You get to transfer it to who you want. You get to do it in the way you want or not. I mean, you don’t have to transfer your business. There’s nothing that says that it has to. But if you have a sustainable business, you’re going to have that opportunity.

So, here’s what you get with a sustainable business. You get more choice and more opportunity. I hope that’s something that you find attractive. It’s something I certainly find attractive.

Our five values

So, let’s take a little flip and let’s go and start talking about values for a second. Now, we have five core values in our company. There are the things that I think are so incredibly important that it’s what I look at to see if we’re doing the job right for you or not.

The first and most important is personal responsibility. We don’t give excuses. We do experiment. We don’t blame. We don’t justify when things go wrong. We’re going to take responsibility for it. When it goes right, we’re going to share what’s going right and everybody gets to take some credit.

Our second value is to simplify. You know, too often, we’re making things way more complicated than we need to be. And the way I do that is, I do it through one-page communications. You know, if I gave you a report that’s 20 pages long, you’re not going to read it. If I give you a one-page report, you will read it. And more importantly than having one-pagers, I really hate jargon. I’m going to do my best to make sure we don’t use jargon and that what we’re talking about is something that you can easily understand.

Our third value is creativity. You know, my education and experience, and I’m very curious create a goal that I love which is to create a sustainable business. I study it. I’ve built it. I’ve done it. I help people do it. It’s just something that I think is there. And the key to creating a sustainable business, in my opinion, is to be creative at how you approach your business. Does that make sense to you?

Our fourth is wisdom. You know, what we’ve learned, we bring to you. What you’ve learned, you bring to us. I respect your wisdom. I hope you’ll respect my wisdom. It took me 40 years to get here. I can tell you that 5 years. 10 years, even 15 years into my business career, I was very aggressive and lots of energy – I didn’t have a lot of wisdom. Wisdom only comes from time. And when we take wisdom that you have and the wisdom that we have and we combine the two, it’s a beautiful thing.

And finally, right and respect is absolutely a core value for me. “I’m going to respect you, I hope you respect me. If we do so, we’re going to have a good working relationship.” You know, sometimes I work with people who are very different than I am and the key, to be successful, is we have to respect each other. If we don’t respect our different things that we bring to the party, it’s never going to work.

So those five values are the things that I think are really important. And here’s what I’ve learned, with having a clear mission and clear values, and at least clearer expectations from both of us.

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So, thanks a lot for spending a little bit of your time with me today. This is Josh Patrick. You’re at Ask Josh Patrick. I hope to see you back here really soon again.

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