Do You Feel Like Your Business Is Stuck (and So Are You)?

It shouldn’t be so hard to build a business that makes a difference and doesn’t burn you out. Our four-step Sustainable Business Framework has helped dozens of business owners build high-profit, self-sufficient organizations.

We’ll teach you how to transform your company into a personally sustainable business that runs without you, so you can make more money, have more time to do what’s important, and love going to work again.

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Benefits of the Sustainable Business Framework

  • Feel less burnout and enjoy going to work again
  • Have your employees take responsibility
  • Get and keep happier, more engaged customers
  • Gain the freedom to step away from the business without it falling apart
  • Make more money, grow your income, and gain financial security
  • Build an organization that makes a bigger impact

Stop Worrying About Your Business’s Future & Start Growing It with Confidence

As a business owner, Josh Patrick knows how challenging running a business can be. He has personally experienced the isolation and frustration that come with knowing your business could be better but not knowing how to get it there.

That’s why he shares his simple four-step framework, as laid out in the book The Sustainable Business, to help entrepreneurs transform their companies into personally and economically sustainable businesses.

For over 40 years, Josh Patrick has used this same framework to lead several thriving businesses. Today, Sustainable Business offers one-on-one coaching and digital resources to help you take your business to the next level, so you can love what you do and do it even better.

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Josh Patrick

Founder, The Sustainable Business

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3 Steps to End Business Burnout for Good

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Get to Work

Each week, we’ll provide you with simple steps you follow to execute the Sustainable Business Framework by creating a recurring revenue stream, ensuring your business is value-led, helping you become operationally irrelevant, and systemizing your business.

Lead Your Sustainable Business

With a well-oiled business, more money, and happier customers, you’ll be able to love going to work again and give back to your community. All the while, we’ll provide you with ongoing support to help you maintain your progress and momentum.

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How many times have you started a new project, only to have it still incomplete months (or even years) later?

Too often, we don’t know the right thing for us to work on at any particular time in our job and in our companies. As a result, we waste time, money, and energy starting projects that we never end up completing.

The Objective Review is an easy process designed to help you identify your priorities, plan out your next steps, understand challenges standing in the way of your success, and start to make progress. And this free ebook will teach you how to implement the process so you make the right decisions at the right time.