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FAQs About Creating a Sustainable Business

What is a sustainable business?

A sustainable business is a personally and economically sustainable business. In other words, the company is positioned to last past the present owner. If you have a sustainable business, you can retire without worrying about the future of your business or your employees.

What are the components of a sustainable business?

There are four key components to every sustainable business:

  • Being a values-led company
  • Having the owner become operationally irrelevant from the business
  • Having a recurring revenue stream
  • Systematize the business

We talk about each of these components in more detail during our Sustainable Business Program. We’ll also help your business create and execute a plan that ensures you’re able to maintain these components yourself.

What does an “economically” sustainable business look like?

An economically sustainable business provides an excellent lifestyle for the owner. It also has a fully funded emergency fund, business growth strategy, and retirement plan.

Is creating a sustainable business difficult?

The four components of a sustainable business are simple. The hard part is doing the work. We walk beside you as you plan what you need to do, and from there, you get to decide what’s the best path forward for you.

FAQs About The Objective Review

What’s the goal of the Objective Review?

Most business owners never take time to do a full review of all of their challenges and opportunities. This program is designed to help you identify your priorities, take stock of the obstacles in your way, and chart out the best way to move forward.

What will I get out of this program?

You won’t have a list of fifteen to twenty projects you’re trying to do, Instead, you’ll discover the one project you should do first and be able to put everything else on the back burner.

Do I have to spend two days with you to get this done?

Not always, but that typically is the case. Most people will spend one and a half days on this project. It takes that long to go through all of the questions we have about your business’s different areas.

We want to make sure we come up with ideas that will genuinely move the needle. Fortunately, the program is virtual, so you don’t have to worry about paying for travel expenses.

How long will you work with me on this project?

We will complete the Objective Review and provide you with a mind map that will outline the time we spent together. After the Objective Review, you will have the option of several ways of working with us or just staying in touch.

FAQs About Cracking the Cash Flow

Why do I need to focus on cash flow? I thought the purpose of a business is to make a profit.

A private business owner should always focus on cash. If you run out of money, you can’t continue with your business.

Too many business owners have too little cash to fill their personal and business needs. This program pinpoints what’s causing your lack of cash flow and gives you strategies you can use to correct this problem.

How do you find out the best place for me to grow my cash flow?

We use a survey tool called CoreValue. This tool will help us examine nine internal and nine external drivers of cash flow from your business.

What happens after we do the CoreValue analysis?

You will spend one to two hours with Josh, where we focus on what is the first project you should tackle. Then, we’ll provide you with next steps so you understand how to move forward.

How do I implement the project we decide will move the needle?

You have a choice of doing it yourself, having us help you on a one-on-one basis, or joining a mastermind group where you will have accountability provided by other members and Josh.

FAQs About the Financial Freedom Program

Why is financial freedom necessary for a business owner?

Someday, you’re going to want to leave your business. If you’re not financially free from your business, you will have choices you don’t like when it’s time to retire.

I’m going to use my business as my retirement account. What’s wrong with this?

The challenge you’ll have is that unless you’re part of the top 1% of all business owners, your business won’t provide you with enough cash to retire in the way you want.

What can I expect from this program?

The first thing we do is provide a financial plan for you. It’s not the plan that’s important; it’s whether you are doing the right things to be financially free from your business.

I’m worried that I will be short on cash for retirement. Can you help me?

We help you look at what drives cash in your business and how you can have excess cash to get ready for the time you want to stop working.

Who helps with the implementation of this program?

You have three options. You can do it yourself with the information you learn. You can work one on one with Josh to guide you through the process. You can join a mastermind group where your peers hold you accountable for the actions you need to take.

FAQs About the Sale Ready Company Program

I have no interest in selling my company. Why do I even need to think about having a sale ready company?

A sale ready company does not mean you are getting ready to sell. It means you have a business that others would want to own.

If I put together a sale ready company, what’s the benefit for me?

When you have a sale-ready company, you can have more fun with your business without worrying about your bottom-line, make more money, leave a bigger impact, and love your business again.

Too many business owners are burned out and end up resenting their business. With a sale ready company, this never happens.

Does it take a lot of work to make a sale ready company?

It’s not as daunting as it may seem. There are only four parts you need to focus on. Knowing where to start and what project gives you the most significant results is critical.

We help you survey your company and find strategies that will make your business one that’s sale-ready

What happens after I make my company sale-ready?

You likely will have no interest in selling.

Many times we’ve helped company owners get their business to be sale-ready, and the following happens. I ask them if they’re ready to sell. They look at me like I’m crazy and say, “Why would I ever want to sell now? I’m having too much fun and making too much money.”

If you do decide to sell, however, you’ll be able to sell your business for a significantly greater value.

FAQs About Our One-on-One Coaching

What’s included with your one-on-one coaching services?

This is our flagship program. You get full access to Josh Patrick whenever you need it. Thinking Partner Calls are scheduled at your convenience with the amount of time you need.

Are any of your other programs included?

All of our programs are included, as well as full access to our resource center.

Is there a minimum commitment for this service?

We require a one-year commitment to this program. You can always cancel if you feel the program has not provided you with a roadmap to get a reasonable return on your investment.

We’ve found that ideas that will move your business forward are developed in the first couple of months, while the rest of the year will focus on implementation to get you a return.

What can I expect from our first call?

We always start off with doing an Objective Review analysis. This helps us focus on one or two things we must do to help you move from success to economic sustainability.

Who is a good candidate for this service?

This is a high-level, highly intensive program. It’s best suited for business owners who have significant financial success and have run their business for at least twenty years.

FAQs About Our Full Resource Center

I see that you have a free resource center. What’s included in this?

Our free resource center provides tons of information on the basics of what it takes to create a sustainable business. You’ll find many of our best eBooks and infographics there.

What’s included in your paid resource center?

Our paid resource center includes written content, links to videos, links to our podcast, and more—all organized by topic. This is a center with hundreds of pieces of content that will allow you to take a deep dive into whatever you need to make your company become economically and personally sustainable.

What about the Stage 2 Planning Resource Center? Do I get access to it also?

You can sign up for our free Stage 2 Planning Resource Center also. We also have a paid upgrade to our Stage 2 Resource Center. You can get this upgrade for just a few dollars.

If you raise your prices and I already bought access to the center, will I have to pay more money?

When you sign up for our paid resource center, you are grandfathered. This means that as we increase our prices in the future, you will never pay more than your original subscription.

Are Sustainable Business’s courses included with my resource center subscription?

For the most part, the answer is no. That said, you will be given a substantial discount and early access to any courses we develop.

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