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The Sale Ready Company:

What It Takes to Create a Business Someone Would Want to Own Even If You Have No Intention of Selling
John Aardvark has a new dilemma. He knows it’s time to get ready to transfer ownership of his business. He’s inclined to transfer the business to his children. The problem is his daughter is too green and his son is too much of a jerk. He doesn’t know where to turn, so he brings in his old mentor Aaron to help him sort everything out.
In this book, you’ll learn the eight steps of creating a sale ready company and why these steps are important, even if you have no intention of selling. Click the button below to learn why this book needs to be part of your library.
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A Fable About Creating an Economically and Personally Sustainable Business

John Aardvark is stuck. From the outside, it looks like he’s got a successful company. He knows that it would only take a few small things to put his business in serious jeopardy. In addition, he’s tired and burned out and doesn’t know where to turn, that is until he meets his guide Aaron.

In this relatable story, you’ll learn why building an economically and personally sustainable business matters. You’ll find common mistakes people make along the way plus 4 drivers of economic and personal sustainability. You’ll also see the four buckets of profit and what a sustainable business looks like. It’s a story you can relate to and one you might have seen in your own business.

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The Latest from the Sustainable Business Podcast

Every week, we release a new podcast episode where our guests help us understand how to transform your business from a company that isn’t providing you with the rewards you deserve to one you’ll love to own and never want to sell.

Our expert guests help us investigate strategies you can use to create more value for you and all of those you work with in just 24 minutes. At the end of each episode, you’ll walk away with at least one great piece of information you can use to create a business that you’ll love to own and will never want to sell.

Our favorite guests are those who either advise blue-collar business owners or are blue-collar business owners. If that's you and you would like to be a guest on our show, click the button below and let us know why you would be a great guest.

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Free Resources to Help You Boost Your Income, Confidence, & Peace of Mind

Financial Freedom Project

The Guide to The Financial Freedom Project

You put so much into your business, but that doesn’t mean you should be stuck to it. If you don’t know how to provide for yourself apart from your business, the thought of retirement (or even reducing your workload) can be overwhelming.

Download the Guide to the Financial Freedom Project to find what steps you need to take to create an independent financial life that doesn’t depend on your business. This free guide will help you understand how the Financial Freedom Project will help you learn what it takes to create a life where you’re financially free from your business.

This will allow you to stop worrying about whether you’ll ever be able to retire. Instead, you’ll know exactly what it takes for you to be financially free from your business and fill the four buckets of profit in your business and life.

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The Ultimate Cash Flow Roadmap

How healthy is your business’s cash flow? Are you well on your way to building an economically sustainable business, or are you barely keeping your head above water?

With the infographic from our Cracking the Cash Flow Program, you’ll find out once and for all what it takes for your business to create excess cash. You’ll also discover the success path that takes you from having no cash in your business to where your business has enough cash to fill the four buckets of profit.

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The Objective Review Ebook

Are you working your butt off trying to get results for your business, only to discover your company is in the exact same place as it was last year?

The Objective Review is an easy process designed to help you identify your priorities, plan out your next steps, understand challenges standing in the way of your success, and start to make progress. And this free ebook will teach you how to implement the process so you make the right decisions at the right time

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The Sale Ready Company eBook

A fun, fulfilling retirement is something we all dream about. But as a business owner, the thought of leaving your business can be daunting. What will happen to your business when you aren’t there? Will your employees be taken care of? How about your loyal customers who have worked with you for years? Will you have enough cash to allow you to retire?

A sale ready company is not about getting ready to sell your company. When your company is sale ready, you have more options, have more fun and make more money. Our Sale-Ready Company program helps you maximize your organization’s value while you prepare for a future outside of your business.

As part of our program, this free guide provides you with 8 simple steps you can start now to ensure your business and your employees are set up for success.

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